COVA Visa Requirements

Carefully read the requirements of the COVA form system and complete step by step, making sure that the information is true, accurate and complete. 

Please note: Once the application form has been submitted, it cannot be modified in any way.

  • The consulate for submitting the visa application should be: The Chinese embassy or
    consulate in New York for residents of Pennsylvania, and in line with the consular jurisdiction.
  • Basic personal information For completing the COVA visa application should exactly
    match the passport, such as surname, first name, given name, date of birth, and
    passport information, type, place of issue “U.S. Department of State”, gender, ,
    nationality, passport number, passport type, etc., Otherwise your visa application will be
  • Questions 1.6H of the application form is required if the applicant is applying for a
    Chinese visa for the first time, this entry will be automatically generated during the form
    filling process; but if the applicant has previously applied for a Chinese visa, this entry
    will not be displayed when filling in the online form, and the form must be printed out
    and supplemented by hand-written Chinese name and other information. This Item cannot
    be empty.
  • Completely fill in the work experience and educational background Please fill in the
    complete work experience after graduation from school. The “position” and “duty” of the
    application form 3.3D and 3.3E must be filled in completely. Please fill in the complete
    learning experience since high school in 4.2, and the diploma/degree and major in 4.2C
    and 4.2D must be completed.
  • Completely fill in each address
    The address of the spouse in 5.5A of the application form, and the addresses of the
    parents in 5.5B and 5.5C must fill in the address of the current location, not the address of
    the place of birth. The address must be filled in completely, including street, city, state,
    and country.