Due to the pandemic, DMS can only offer RUSH processing at 6 weeks until further notice.

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Please select the type of passport service needed below:

  • New Passports
  • Passport Renewal
  • Second Passport
  • Children's Passports
  • Lost/Stolen Passport
  • Name Change
  • Passport Pages

New Passport Requirements

Proof of Citizenship

Please provide a copy of your birth certificate with raised embraced seal with parents full names, certificate must be filed within one year of birth, or Certificate of U.S. citizenship (original). For secondary evidence of U.S. citizenship, please follow the link below. Be advised that upon completion of your passport process all of your essential documents will be returned back to you.


Please provide proof of identity such as valid driver's license or city, state or federal ID, certificate of Naturalization, Military ID.


Please complete form DS-11 online application and print but do not sign.


Please submit new passport type photograph front view with light background, please follow the link for more information.

DMS Letter of Authorization

Please complete and sign the letter of authorization. Signature must be original.

Date of Departure

Please submit a copy of the flight itinerary only if traveling within 5-10 days.

DMS Order Form

Please fill out the order form for return shipment info and payment info:

Passport Fees
Price (USD)
*$170.00 + $25.00 = $195.00 ($170.00 for the passport fee and $25.00 for the application execution fee)
*Please do not add return and postage fees.
Execution of Application

Please take the above information to the nearest acceptance facility. Once the adjudication process is completed, please send the SEALED envelope along with copies of the following documents:

  • Two signed copies of the DMS Letter of Authorization (original signature required)
  • Copy of the flight itinerary
*First time applications for form DS-11 must be filed within 5 days from date of execution.
DMS Fees
Cost (USD) Processing Time Type of Process
$250.00 Please call for availability
Same day
$200.00 2 Business Days Emergency
$150.00 6-7 Business Days Expedite
$95.00 9-10 Business Days Rush
Return Shipping Fees
Cost (USD) Type of Delivery
$30.00 Next day up to 3 passports in the continent
$37.00 Next day up to 4 passports in the continent
$45.00 Saturday delivery in the continent
Call for a price quote 1-800-210-8472 For International Delivery
Call for a price quote 1-800-210-8472 For Alaska, Puerto Rico, USVI and Hawaii
Please mail the above documents to:

DMS Visa International
1775 Eye Street N.W.
Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20006